Confidence is a key factor of the success on the money and capital markets. Therefore responsible approach with realisation of a project is so important and it is represented by observation of the beforehand agreed parameters of the project (quality – term – price). Our understanding of responsibility also includes application and observance of the following rules:

  • Unchanging of the team in the course of realisation of the project
  • Professional knowledge and experience of the team assigned for realisation of the project
  • Monitoring of the course of the project with the purpose to prevent occurrence of any risks
  • Continuous presentation of partial outputs during realisation of the project
  • Systematic approach to the realisation of the project with utilisation of the best practices.


The ability of fast adaptation to new conditions is a much appreciated feature in the current situation on the global money and capital markets and it is our big advantage compared with our overbureaucratized competition. In case of delays in the process of legal processing of the contractual provisions we are ready to start and realise flexibly the particular project upon the mutually agreed key attributes. We are open to requirements for any changes that may arise in the course of realisation of the project. We consider the change proceedings as a natural part of each project.

Long-term cooperation

Together with putting the system into routine operation we star the stage of continuous development and support of the system to ensure its maximum availability, reliability and utilizability for the client.


Then realising the project we pay attention to our good reputation. Whenever it is necessary to react to any change of the external conditions, we feel to do our best to fulfil the goal. In many cases we work on the solution even before we are addressed by our clients.

Knowledge of technologies

With creation and development of the SC Office – software for investment banking products we use for a long time technologies of the companies Oracle (a database platform utilised by most bank institutions worldwide), Sybase (a tool for development of applications, a part of a multinational group SAP) and concurrently Microsoft. With regard to our perfect knowledge of these technologies we can provide our clients with maximum benefit that these worldwide used technologies offer. Therefore we do not offer any wide range of technologies, but only those we understand and that proved to be useful in practice.


Our employees are top professionals in creation of software according to requirements of the client and have deep knowledge of problems concerning to trading on money and capital markets. Thanks to these facts we are partners for our clients with which we consult matters above scope of our information system – problems requiring professional knowledge of processes connected with trading with securities, settlement of trades, processing of central depository (CSDP) services, management of assets, execution of the function of a depository, etc.