The application Aries was designed for bank subjects performing the function of a depository according to the act on collective investment. The application enables the client to perform active administration of various types of funds, such as standard and special shares funds, open and closed funds, investment funds or funds of qualified investors for selected investors - investment companies.

Evidence of assets

Into the basic functionality of application Aries belongs the evidence of assets, which are represented mainly by shares , share certificates , certificates, bonds , treasury bills and bills. As an assets under the management of the application Aries can be also maintened the assets in the form of real estate assets or even debts.

Flexibility and universality

Benefits of the application Aries bring its universality and simple options to be adapted to individual needs of the client. This universality is ensured by an internal script language that may create operatively new operations without any intervention into the application basic programme code. This tool increases flexibility of utilisation of the application Aries and accelerates implementation of individual requirements of the clients.

Pricing of the funds

The application Aries enables the client to calculate market values of all instruments held to the chosen date or interval. Such pricing may result e.g. in the unit price of each instrument by the given day. The application also enables pricing of a group of funds, distinguishing of the pricing method according to the chosen pricing set, type of the instrument or imported exchange lists.

Depository controls

Executing of depository controls, prescribed by law, is one of the main tools of the application Aries. When defining the statutory and lawful controls the client can utilise the synergic effect following from the already existing standardised controls within scope of the application Aries. Such controls also include executing of depository controls of special or pension funds. The controls can be executed without definition of the market prices of investment certificates of the funds.

Corrective processes

The unique system “movement in time” according to individual needs of the client makes the application Aries an unique tool fulfilling in practice any needs of the client in the field of corrective processes. In practice this means a chance of back entering/cancellation/editing of the transaction in any point of the time axis of the follow-up transactions, including automatic recalculation of all values into the current state without any loss of the original information value.

Data exports a reporting

In the field of data export the application Aries offers tools for a simple export of any displayed data into the most used formats: xls, csv, txt, sql, html. The standard solution includes predefined print lists covering usual agenda of the subject executing the function of a depository, reports towards the investment companies or CNB control representatives. Naturally there is an option to define reports according to individual requirements of the client.

Automated data imports

The effective system for support of the function of a depository is based on automated data imports that enable the depository workers to be focused on less routine activities and develop their trading activities for higher competiveness. The standard automatic processes provided by the application Aries include processing of transactions of individual investment companies, imports of exchange lists from various sources (PSE, CNB, Bloomberg, Reuters), imports of states of the current account and term deposits or imports of positions of securities in individual depots for the purpose of reconciliation of positions.

Manual entries

If necessary, all transactions can be entered to the application Aries also manually; this is useful particularly in case of necessary corrective processes. Other options of manual entries include payment of dividends, maturity of coupons and bonding principals or T-bills, as well as manual processing of receivables and obligations.