For all banking subjects that are the depository of funds by the act on collective investment we offer following solution.

Aries Aries Mrc Miracle    

This professional software provides to the bank, which performs the depositary of funds services, all support for the control of the property as investment and pension funds that as funds of qualified investors.

The concept of solution is based on the principle of controls executing over the funds represented in the system as portfolios, which includes realized transactions with investment instruments (for instance securities, bonds, treasury bills etc.) and other assets in the range which are defined by a law and the statute of the managed fund.

The key functionality of the offered solution for depository of funds is possibility to flexible define depository controls according to the law and the statute of administered fund. Through these controls the depository of funds verifies the composition of the fund's assets and then inform the investment company about the current status of made controls to given day.

An integral part of the depositary controls is the valuation of the fund's assets through a complex set of valuation methods, reconciliation of positions and providing the value of the fund (NAV).

For the purposes of the reporting the depositary of funds has the use of a wide set of printed reports, which can be used for providing of basic and detailed information about the management of the funds for the investment and pension companies, as well as for providing the agenda which is relating to the reporting to the control authority - Czech National Bank.

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