The application Miracle is used for administration of external data for other application of the SC Office system (Gemini, Gemini FX, DR Gemini, Porthos, Aries) and it is standard part of each solution of the SC Office implementation. This includes particularly administration of a register of securities, issuers and currencies. Further this system for evidence of securities enables registration of exchange lists from various sources, information about negotiability of securities on individual markets, administration of indexes, etc.


The application Miracle provides tools for administration of individual types of catalogues (e.g. catalogues of issuers, countries, currencies or securities), register of securities and other financial instruments. Further the application Miracle supports functionalities for rating of the subjects. The solution also includes availability of overviews of the currency exchange rates.


The application Miracle offers instruments for a simple and transparent administration or retrieval of financial instruments, issuers, currencies or interest rates for support of work with the instruments. Basic data including specific data necessary for correct function of the solution (e.g. dividends of the shares, coupons for the bonds, etc.) are registered with each financial instrument.


Displaying of the securities traded on various domestic as well as foreign markets or OECD market can be administered in the application Miracle.

Exchange rates

The application Miracle supports standardly administration of exchange lists from various sources (PSE, Bloomberg, Reuters, etc.), including a transparent historical calendar of exchange rates. The application also includes tools for administration of rating exchange lists, exchange rates of the CNB currencies, etc.


According indexes, the application Miracle provides functionality for registration and administration of various indexes, such as Index PX, Index PX-GLOB, including current and historical exchange rates. Optional definition of own indexes is also included.