To the securities traders, portfolio managers, custodians, depositary of funds and investment companies we have prepared the solutions that ensure efficient operation and to provide as support for business activities and processes, so a strategic advantage for their further development and economic growth.

Trading and settlement

Solutions for traders (securities dealers), which fully supports the realization and processing of trades on Prague Stock Exchange (PSE).

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Custody solutions

Solutions for the custodians who providing investment services related to the role of manager of investment instruments, depository of funds.

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Portfolio management

Solutions for portfolio managers, who manage the portfolios on their own and foreign account with as instruments of money and capital markets, as well as with other assets.

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Access to PSE and CSDP

Solutions for services of Central Securities Depository Prague (CSDP), which allows to participants of CSDP in the on- line mode to enter query on the states of accounts through the central depository services with their subsequent evidence and accounts management.

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Depository of funds

Solutions for banks that provide comprehensive services of depository of funds in accordance with the act of collective investment.

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Savekeeping of securities

Solutions for custody and administration of securities, designed for securities traders who in accordance with the Act no. 134/2013 Coll. about some measures to increase the transparency of public limited companies provide for their clients investment service “Custody and administration of investment instruments”, through which taking on custody (immobilize) the securities of issuers.

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