The application Porthos was designed for creation and administration of various types of portfolios that may consist of securities or other property assets. Administration of the application Porthos also includes overviews of individual instruments on the portfolios, their quantities, prices, developments of trading, market values of the portfolios, including information about capital and interest yields. The system Porthos find using in areas of asset management and private banking.

Flexibility and universality

Benefits of the application Porthos – software for portfolio management bring its universality and simple options to be adapted to individual needs of the client. This universality is ensured by an internal script language that may create operatively new operations without any intervention into the application basic programme code. This tool increases flexibility of utilisation of the application Porthos and accelerates implementation of individual requirements of the clients. The standard solution of the application Porthos also includes fully automated support for the field of accounting, including a wide range of time-tested reports and export data outputs.

Structured portfolio

Creation and administration of various portfolio types and operation connected with them is the basic purpose of the application Porthos. The wide range of operations with instruments in the portfolio includes in particular purchases and sales of instruments for/from the portfolio, processing of results and settlements, settlement of trades, executing of REPO operations, support of transfers of instruments between individual portfolio accounts of the portfolio being processed, options of establishing of initial states of the instruments, executing of changes of states of the instruments. Standardly implemented functions within scope of the application Porthos support regular daily operations of the Back-Office department: valorization of the instruments, amortization of the instruments, revaluation to the real value (M-T-M), calculations of the performance, payment of dividends, realisation of the instruments maturity, calculations of commissions and fees, manual processing of accounting entries, modification of the accounting price, splitting and merging of instruments and preparation of accounting balances.

Pricing of a portfolio

Regular daily pricing of the portfolio, based on the method chosen by the user, e.g. according to the exchange rates from the imported exchange lists or manually entered exchange rates, is the key functionality of the application Porthos.


Another key functionality of the application Porthos includes full support of the agenda related to accounting of the securities. This agenda includes setting of the accounting schemes and automated generation of accounting entries according to the methodology defined by the client. Support of the subsequent export of accounting entries into the client’s external accounting system is also natural part of the application.

Calculation of the fees and commissions for portfolio management

The application Porthos includes standardly operations for calculation of the fees for the portfolio management and commissions for individual portfolio managers. Other fees or commissions according definitions of the client can easily be set using n internal script language of the application Porthos.

Investment strategies

Optional definition of investment strategies for various client portfolios is standard functionality of the application Porthos – software for portfolio management. The solution also includes instruments for work with the investment answer sheet as an expert support for recommendation of an investment strategy to the end client.

Etalons and portfolio performance

Within scope of the innovation trends in the field of portfolio management the application Porthos offers a sophisticated administration and management of investment portfolios using samle portfolios, so-called etalons. These etalons may consist of various types of assets (securities, currencies, indexes, commodities, interest rates), including management of the related history. The standard solution within scope of the application Porthos includes two types of etalons – Model portfolio (use for specification of the desired portfolio structure) and Benchmark (unit for determination of current portfolio performance). Portfolio management also includes the functions that support clearing of the portfolio performance from inflation, calculation of etalon capitalization, pricing of the etalon, a wide range of graphic outputs to display the portfolio performance, including support of multiple administration of portfolios (M-T-M, calculation of fees, etc.).

6M test

Regarding the legislative requirement to provide information on taxation of profits from sales of the securities before expiration of legal terms on individual portfolios, the application Porthos offers a relevant functionality in form of a so-called 6M test, including the required output list. The legal term can be set easily according to the actual legislative version.

Tracking of profits and losses

The application Porthos beyond the basic browser that displays events in the system over each portfolios also supports the tracking of profits and losses from a different point of view. In particular there are tracking of profits and losses on sales or accounting point of view or another view with the using of a wide range of printouts from the so called „Reports manager“.