For providers of investment services that are related to the role of the custodian - manager of the investment instruments we offer following application solutions.

drg DR Gemini gem Gemini    

Agenda that are associated with settlement of trades and their subsequent administration and an overview of the states on asset accounts when the all of this activities are an integral part of the essential functionalities of provider of investment services.

The system provides support for automated or manual processing of realized trades on their own even so called abandoned settlement.

For realized transactions into the  PSE / CSDP markets the system automatically generates records with complemented identification of the client. On the day of the settlement the system performs final settlement and clearing of individual trades on the basis of information from the markets.

Individual states of securities on the asset accounts can be compared with CSDP´s states. The states are divided into various sub-accounts and their comparison can be performed in an automated way for any date.

User can access the full support of communication with CSDP through services. These services provide a wide range of options for simple and clear management of asset account of the client, the funds deposited in this account and a set of statements, which provides either CSDP or application Gemini.