The application Gemini FX is used for management of trades with OTC financial derivates. This includes currency, interest and commodity derivates depending on specification of the basic asset. Data administered in the application Gemini FX are further utilised by the application Gemini and enter the process of generation of the Orders book of investment firms (DEOCP).

Registration of financial derivates

The basic functionalities of the application Gemini FX support processing and administration of trades with derivates, including their archiving. The standard solution of the application Gemini FX includes a transparent registration of realised derivate trades and instructions including their archiving and creation of confirmations for all types of trades.

Clients and counterparties

The application Gemini FX disposes of standardised instruments for processing and administration of registered client contracts and counterparties including generation of user friendly overviews and reports.

Trading with derivates

The basic derivate products, supported by the application Gemini FX, include particularly OTC foreign exchange (currency) products: FX Swap (Foreign Exchange Swap), FX Forward (Foreign Exchange Forward), FX Option (Foreign Exchange Option); OTC interest products: IR Swap (Interest Rate Swap), IR Option (Interest Rate Option), FRA (Forward Rate Agreement), CCS (Cross Currency Swap); OTC commodity products: Commodity Forward.