The application SCO Administrator was designed for basic administration of the system SC Office, i.e. particularly for administration of users, access rights, passwords, licences and parameters to other SC Office applications (Gemini, Gemini FX, Gemini SEIN, DR Gemini, Miracle, Porthos and Aries) and it is standard part of each solution of the SC Office implementation.

Administration of users

The application SCO Administrator enables the system administration to enter new users, including their later administration. Further this application provides availability of instruments for creation of various groups of users with optional definition of their rights and user roles. The solution also includes a support of functions for definition of mandatory properties and expiration terms of user passwords.

Administration of the system

Administration of global settings of the whole SC Office solution at the client is another basic purpose of the application SCO Administrator. These settings are executed either by workers of SC Servis or authorised employees of the client, mostly IT administrators. Using this application there can be made regular updates of the database or administration of automated database tasks (data imports and exports to/from the SC Office system).