Application solutions for administrators of emissions who in accordance with Act No. 134/2013 Coll. about some measures to increase the transparency of public limited companies provides for their clients investment services “Custody and administration of investment instruments”, through which taking on custody (immobilize) the securities of issuers we have prepared following applications.

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It provides a comprehensive and clear evidence of the data about issuers with a link to their emissions. Into the evidence of subjects can be manage the holders, whom can be define access permissions to individual emissions, or to acts associated with the issue.

As the part of the evidence of states of securities on individual asset accounts can be possible to view also on sub-accounts with a defined right of disposal. For transfers of securities between assets accounts can be used a set of standardized operations.

The part of the proposed solution is a sophisticated reporting designed as for administrators of emissions, issuers, end owners, as well as for the supervisory authorities.