The solution is designed for traders who need to secure in real time a steady and fast connection with PSE and CSDP.

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Application over the communication interface provides to the user data in well aranged form. The  data are provided by PSE or CSDP. Provided data are clearly divided into logical groups:

  • Data of general and private distribution - a broad overview of market information that provides an overview of closed trades, market depth, news from market etc. They include also an part of the detailed information about transactions to pairing for traders, information about realized transactions, or transactions in an automatic collateral management (ACM system). It also provides information about the instructions into the foreign depositories.
  • Service for management of instructions and data of initialization server - providing to the user a full list of possible combinations for entering, editing and deleting of individual types of instructions executed into the CSDP system or for foreign depository. The data of Initialization server provides information about closed and settled transactions, as well as services including information about limits and balances in asset accounts, listing services and many other services.
  • Securities lending - through these services the user can realized securities lending that are located in the pool of the CSDP, or realized in an automatic collateral management system (ACM) the supply of securities against to loan of money.
  • CDCP´s evidence - a comprehensive set of services of a central depository, which enables to the user to provide all the tasks associated with managing of the asset account. Allowing to found individual accounts, or change their parameters. Above these accounts can be performed the operation with securities, such as transfers, liens, suspension of the right to dispose, or realization of inheritance or other rights (shareholders, managers, etc.). Furthermore there is a large group of services that are designed for distributors who subscribe savings government bonds (SGB).