Applications for connection of the participant of trading, or settlement system into the interface of the Prague Stock Exchange (PSE) and into the interface of the Central Securities Depository Prague (CSDP).

On-line communication

The application provides a stable and fast connection of the clients application DR Gemini with communication interface of the information system of the PSE / CSDP. The connection is realized for all types of servers and services. For user are available the tools owing to manage the communication lines and particular services. The structure and list of the services are created into the application dynamically based on parameters that are sent from the stock exchange.

General and private market data

System in well arange form showing to users as publicly available data so data of private distribution. The user has a comprehensive overview of the current state of the market into the PSE / CSDP.

Automated processing of events

For the event of market that are distributed via the communication interface of the PSE / CSDP, can be define a separate events. Such events can be for example sending orders to the market, download of clipboard, audio announcements, etc. Processes for the events can be defined manually even by automated way.

Borrowings into the ACM system

For participants of Colateral Automated Management (ACM) system, the application provides full support for the realization of loans into the system of automatic settings of collateral into the form of suspending bonds that are registered into the central register of dematerialized securities for securing intraday credits.

Instructions of foreign depositories

CSDP communication with other foreign depositaries is realized through the services of the data interface with full assistance for communication via the SWIFT standard.

Support of SGB distributors

To the managers of emission and distributors of savings government bonds - SGB, we offer a wide range of services work on the the definition of the data interface. For the user are available tools for managing of fundamental data of the issuer and for the administration of individual issues.

Communication with the CNB Clearing Centre

The application provides tools designed for all settlement members and settlement banks for managing of the payments into the CNB Clearing Centre. We offer services for managing of limits, information and listing services for findings out of preliminary, current or historical positions on the settlement account.