For banks, brokers, investment companies and other subjects which provide the administration and management of portfolios we offer the following solutions.

pth Porthos mrc Miracle    

Into the basic functionalities of offered solutions for portfolio management belong the purchase and sale of instruments of money or capital market, or other property assets and their subsequent registration and administration.

For portfolio manager the application Porthos offers comprehensive view about all of business transactions realized on a given portfolio as in the form of operational views over the states of individual portfolios so  through  standardized or individually defined reports by the manager.

In the context of the portfolio management the manager has a large amount of current data about managed instruments at one´s disposal (purchasing prices, volume, the current market prices according to valuation methods, depreciation, interest income e.g.). Through the sophisticated tools the system consolidates data into the relevant parameters -profit / loss of portfolio.

The system allows to the administrator to make a model of portfolio, create etalons, benchmarks and perform efficiency with real portofolio.

The standard part of the solution are further functionality that supporting the export and the import of data from / to external information systems.

More about the system for portfolio management you find into the following links like Porthos, Miracle.